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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  September 26, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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wearing a cape. brian kuebler talked to him. >> reporter: he is called the baltimore batman. you probably know him as the man who streaked through m&t bank stadium during the dpai. mark harvey sat down with us to talk about the method behind this madness. the only people in the crowd who knew what was about to happen is harvey and his buddy who shot the video. harvey disappears into the stands only to reappear on the gridiron in a cape and batman box are briefs. batman entertained with the crab dance, and whatever this move is, but eventually batman would be no match for security. harvey would spend the night at central booking dressed almost as he was arrested. >> they took my cape and hat,
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but i was dressed like this. the shorts i had on -- i don't know how they got them. i had my shorts and they actually gave me my own private cell. people walked by snapping pictures of me in jail. >> reporter: the pictures, he hopes reveals what monday night and this interview does. don't be a bully, it reads. be a super hero. a cause he picked up after seeing stories about bullying students including the shooting at perry hall high school on the first day of school. >> all the stories hit home. i thought this would be a good idea to say, hey, be a super hero. don't be a bully. that's are in losers. >> reporter: harvey said if his antics saves a life, then the night help spent in booking is
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worth. it the way he delivered it may cost him. he is charged with trespassing, disturbing the peace and he is also banned for life from camden yards and m&t bank stadium. harvey says he has yet to hire an attorney. ironically enough the cape crusader's trial is scheduled on halloween. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> so this is our hot topic. said he's doing it for a good cause. does that change your mind? what do you think? head to you can also see what other folks are saying, too. well, it wasn't a good night at camden yards. the o's were shut out by the blue jays 4-0. they have a chance to redeem themselves in the final night of the series. jamie costello is live at camden
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yards. after they had the last shutout in tampa, they went on to win 5-0. so we have to keep hope alive. >> reporter: we lose yesterday and come back strong today. we got to win tonight, right, joe? >> yes. >> reporter: what do you think, patty? >> we'll be the good luck charm. >> reporter: the o's are smelling it in the water. you are jim dwyer's daughter. jim dwyer was one of my favorites. as your favorite, he's one of your favorites, too. >> i guess. >> reporter: isn't this exciting? what's with the horse's head? >> i saw it on the internet and saw a bunch of asian people wear tsmght i'm up set with the asian culture, so i had to have this. >> reporter: okay get on inside.
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let's see what the orioles are up to. they were stretching. they went through batting practice. game team tonight is at 7:0 -- time tonight is 7:05. now we're two games behind the yankees. if we win we will still be a game and a half. so all of the games are important. listen, if you want to come down to orioles park, friday and sunday will be your best bet. that's brooks robinson day. that's when we unveil his statue in the monument park. we'll be right here. i have news to tell you about for nick markakis. a must win tonight. do you understand, kelly?
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>> fingers crossed, jamie. they're going to win tonight. now let's go to mike masco. you saw the clouds over jamie's head. maybe a rumble of thunder during the course of your evening. at 5:00 take a look at the current city temperature of 81. d.c. is 83. eastern shore numbers into the 80s. that sunshine allowed for the temperatures to really boost up. maryland's most powerful radar is clear overhead. we could see pop-up showers. if you're heading out to the game, first pitch, 77 degrees. showers, storms, southwesterly wind. so this will be a mild game. it's a warm evening, 76 degrees even into the nighttime hours. it's going to be a wet scenario. we'll time the arrival for storms tomorrow coming up.
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the closure of a pawk buccaneer -- baltimore county medspa led to a multistate investigation. the practice continues in pennsylvania, delaware and maryland when three patients came down with the same invasive infection. joce sterman joins us with the latest. what's happening with these spas? >> reporter: maryland officials closed down the spa saying the facility could endanger public health. we talked to the pennsylvania health department and said they have not required the monarch locations to shut down. they are not aware of any ill pennsylvaniaians tied to problems, but wpvi confirmed a patient got group a strept. the chain has three spots. they were checked, looking at their infection prevention
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methods. the investigation is still ongoing for the entire monarch chain because the workers went between della ware, pennsylvania and -- delaware, pennsylvania and maryland. monarch said it has evidence thousands of procedures without complication and that they are cooperating fully with the investigation. we asked maryland's health department to release the doctors. it was two years ago when a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and killed a woman and critically injured her son. it's been a long journey for the family. the process got a giant leap forward as the family broke ground on a new home they're
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building in cockeysville. the home was built for the family today and for the rest of matthew's life. >> we're excited. for the next two years we'll be out here pouring cement. after that things will move quickly. >> tonight at 11:00, abc2 news brian kuebler sits down with them. like we said, we have been following this story and this family for two years now. for more of the profiles and other stories about the dangers of drowse si driving -- drowsy driving, log on to our website at a junior high school student committed suicide before classes started this morning. a school resource officer heard a gunshot at stillwater high school. the student was found dead in the hallway.
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the school and nearby elementary school were both put on lockdown. the harford county sheriff's department is investigating a report of a high school student threatening to bring a gun to patterson middle school in bel air. the student said he wanted to bring a gun to school and shoot people. teachers report it to administrators. the resource officer interviewed the student. the student did it it get attention but said help didn't mean it. tonight in carroll county the battle lines are drawn and it's all over the commissioner's plan to make english the official language. >> wait until you hear how much airlines are making off fees. and former bay watch star pamela anderson needed a lifeguard to save her. why she gave us the silent treatment after her elimination.
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we are four weeks away from the 20th annual komen maryland race for the cure. and as much as we know about it has changed. joining us is dr. stacy keen, a radiologist with advanced radiology. thank you for joining us. what do you look for in a mammogram? >> two main things are masses and calcification. we like to compare the previous ones, if they're available for cotedful changes, distortion and increasing density, small changes in the skin, nipple or blood vessel. >> what should you do to prepare for the mammogram. >> no powders, deodorants the day of the ma'am pope -- mammogram.
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some people if they're tender around their cycle can schedule it a week before. >> when do you recommend they start getting a mammogram. >> starting at age 40 annually. this is based on considerable data in the literature which show as 30% to 40% decrease in mortality from breast cancer in people who have regular screening mammograms. >> do all cancers show up on a mammogram? >> no, unfortunately not. it's about 90%. it's improved since the add vent of digital mammography, particularly in patients who have dense breast tissue but i always tell patients if they feel something, pursue it if they feel something isn't right.
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>> we want to remind you about the 20th annual komen race for the cure sunday october 21st. you can head to komen md/2012. >> having your tonsils out has been a rite of passage are many kids. anti-inflammatory drugs are given during surgery to prevent nausea and vomiting. there are concerns it may increase the risk of bleeding. now a study says not to worry, experts followed 314 children who had their tonsils out for 14 days and found no increase in pleading -- bleeding and it
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decreased the swelling. >> a little weather in motion today. take a look at annapolis. we had a mostly sunny sky. watch how the clouds roll in during the course of the late afternoon, evening hours. that's the morning shot. watch how the clouds roll in after the lunchtime hour. it's not that dark. we'll show you the shot coming up. here's 81 right now at bwi. so it is a very mild summer like feel. dew point around 60 degrees. that's an indication of a lot of low moisture in play. 80s. 80s over the eastern shoreline. dover 84. so that sunshine really went to work allowing for the temperatures to get well above average. we had more in the way of rain showers nor deep creek. york, 76. hagerstown at 77 degrees.
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we are forecasting high temperatures once again tomorrow to be above average. 82 so far the bwi. the record of 95 set pack in 1970. this will stay in the bachs for another year. in terms of wind speed, a little bit of a breeze out of the southwesterly direction. you notice the skies. here are the clouds moving in across the area right now. 76 degrees around 8:00. i'm going to keep a shower or thunderstorm chance. there's some short range models indicating a flareup or storms. it may be dry before more showers sneak in. more showers up toward the north. we have a big storm on top. we're sandwiched in between some pretty nice weather but things will start it change. you can pick up this cold front through interwhy are upstate new york north -- north of the
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rejob. that will roll into then it see valley and be with us. we have the cold front on top of us. we'll see the waves roll along it. that's going to come by sunday, unfortunately, so we're expecting several days of unsettled weather. pick up on some spotty shooting through the course of night. we may dry out for a previous period tomorrow morning and then an embed thunderstorm. in terms of what to expect, maybe an inch of rain could be expected. 64 in town. mostly cloudy. the storms, be aware of that if
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you're heading out to the game tonight. mostly cloudy with a shower possible. here is your hour by hour forecast showing our temperatures in the 70s. we go for 80 tomorrow but things will start to change back into the 70s by friday. it's going to be unsettled going into the weekend. we'll drop our temperatures by sunday with a temperature around 70. so game tonight, bring the umbrella thursday. we have the ravens game. bring the umbrella and through the weekend if you have plans, know there is the potential for a shower or thunderstorm, so unsettled. >> my favorite word. all right. maybe you'll be wrong. thanks a lot. "dancing with the stars" is back and they're not messing around for this all star season. pamela anderson landed at the bottom of the judge's leader board. one thing that hasn't changed, the fans are still the ones
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making the final decision. george pennachio has more. >> pamela and tries than. >> reporter: pamela anderson and tristan macmanus were the first ones to see the lights dim. they danced one but pamela skipped out of doing interviews after her elimination. why is pamela not here? think she's too upset. >> she's definitely disappointed. i'm here. >> reporter: tristan admits they didn't rehearse as much as they could have. they tried but time got away. >> maybe the time, the nerves, intensity of what we were doing. it didn't pan out, unfortunately. >> reporter: so pamela and tristan are out but a former champion found himself in the bottom two.
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season two champ drew latchy and his partner anna trebunskaya survived elimination. >> i'm going to do everything to make it the best jive. you know i don't care if i have to literally bleed on this floor. it's going to be the best jive i can do. >> reporter: but the competition is ready to go for it. >> that means we can't slack. we have to come. give it our all. >> the audience as to enjoy what they see. >> everything will be on the floor. >> this season is so strong and so much talent. i'm relieved that i can go one more week. >> we are all here. they made a special all star trophy and everyone's going for. >> the dances are the quick step
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and the jive. >> we're giving them the night out getting ready for another round. we have great shows coming up tonight. it starts at 8:00 with the one-hour season premier of the middle followed by the emmy winning modern family and right here for revenge, the first chapter followed by us, abc2 news at 11:00. so they take algebra, by ole jip and astronomy. but a lot of students graduate without knowing how to balance a checkbook. we'll tell you how a bank and local university are trying to change that. >> and more fruits and vegetables, less fat. why are schools complaining that the food isn't healthy for them. anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere.
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a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven.
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we start with dramatic video out of illinois. some storm chasers captured this tornado outside of st. louis. it brought winds strong enough to blow over a semi trailer and hail the size of tennis balances. at least three homes were damaged. an suv slammed into an atlanta restaurant during rush hour. luckily, the restaurant was not open when the crash happened. police are investigating the cause of the crash. you know, they have signs in multiple languages and they teach several of them in local schools but one carroll county commissioner is on a mission to make english their official
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language. >> the seats keep getting smaller, the fees larger. why you may want to reconsider your flight. >> look at the little flowers. when we come back, we'll introduce you to mr. baltimore. meet mr. toronto. >> we're watching the radar. nothing going on right now but that is subject to change. your full forecast coming up on the 5:30 edition of abc2 news.
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the united states is considered the melting pot but a battle is brewing over make english the official language. in a word, it's translateed into a controversy. >> reporter: the sign says welcome to carroll county. there's a c


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